French energy companies warn and call for savings in consumption

Leading French energy companies Engie, EDF and TotalEnergies have expressed concern about the rapid growth in the cost of raw materials, caused by a reduction in supplies from Russia.

And we turned to these companies in an open letter addressed to the French to immediately reduce the consumption of electricity, gas and oil products.

“We call for awareness and collective and individual action so that each of us, each company and each consumer immediately reduces the consumption of energy, electricity, gas and oil products,” the letter says.

Earlier reports spoke of an energy crisis posing a serious threat to France’s social and political cohesion.

Earlier, French Energy Minister Agnes Panier Ronachet said that Russian gas imports had been reduced but not stopped.

In the same context, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck called for a reduction in gas consumption in the country due to the energy crisis.

He warned that the lack of energy resources could lead to a complete shutdown of some industries.

Source: RIA Novosti

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