French Economy Minister calls for preparations "Very harsh winter"

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire urged French businessmen to reduce their energy consumption and prepare for a “very harsh winter”.

“We need to prepare for a scenario where we are in for a very harsh winter. We must find ways to distribute the energy consumed by the facilities in case we have to face difficulties this winter, ”the French minister said at a meeting with representatives of the French Federation. entrepreneurs, on Tuesday.

Le Maire called for reducing electricity consumption in homes, transport, indoors, as well as in administrative offices and shops.

He stressed that state support for companies whose payments for gas and electricity exceed 3% of their balance sheet in 2021 will be extended until the end of December next year.

A survey conducted by BFMTV showed that 58% of the French consider it possible to reduce energy consumption, and 38% confirmed that they consume as little electricity as possible.

According to the French channel LCI, 59% of the energy in France is consumed by industrial projects and companies.

The French government has taken a number of measures to reduce energy consumption.

Source: RIA Novosti

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