France threatens to take countermeasures against Italy

Paris has called on Brussels to mediate between it and its neighbor Rome in resolving their dispute over the migration crisis. and threatened to take countermeasures against Italy.

French government spokesman Olivier Veran pointed out that Italy is not fulfilling its obligations to France, which is a violation of European solidarity mechanisms, and, accordingly, Paris will not fulfill its part of the agreement and refrain from allowing 3,000 migrants to cross the border. the Italian border to enter their lands.

Long queues of cars formed at the French-Italian border yesterday as Paris decided to tighten border crossing procedures in response to Rome’s refusal to allow the rescue ship Ocean Viking to enter the port of Sicily.

Where the ship lay for 3 weeks at the port of Sicily, waiting for permission to moor from the Italian authorities, who refused to receive it, prompting France to allow it to moor in the port of Toulon as an exceptional case.

According to Rome, she did not allow the ship to call at her ports due to non-compliance by other EU countries with the terms of the Agreement on the distribution of migrants.

Source: agencies

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