France imposes restrictions on the use of water due to heat

Channel “BFMTV” reported that the French authorities have introduced restrictions on water use in 88 of the 96 regions of the continental part of the country due to heat and drought.

The channel added that water shortages are felt in the regions of “Pay-de-la-Loire” and “Poitou-Charentes” in the west of the country more than in other regions of France.

She pointed out that the reason for the shortage of water is related to the abnormally dry and hot weather in recent weeks, as well as the lack of precipitation in winter, which did not allow the resumption of water supply.

So far, residents in 88 French regions have received severe drought warnings and orders to limit water use, including a ban on watering the garden during the day.

The channel said the measures were “an exceptional occurrence of this magnitude” this season, adding that “hopes for improvement in the coming days are low.”

France, like a number of other European countries, has recently experienced abnormal heat. World Meteorological Organization spokesman Robert Stefansky said that abnormally high temperatures will continue in European countries until the middle of next week.

Source: RIA Novosti

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