France .. Economy Minister calls for readiness "completely cut" for Russian gas supplies

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire called during economic meetings in Aix-en-Provence (south) to prepare in advance for a “total cessation” of Russian gas supplies, considering this “the most likely option.”

A second official in the French government said: “Let’s get ready for a total shutdown of Russian gas supplies. Now this is the most likely option. This suggests accelerating our energy independence.”

He continued, “We are very independent and we don’t like to depend on others. The first independence must be in energy.”

The Economy Minister added: “We must now prepare for the battle of regulation, rationing, austerity and consumption cuts. Now we have to make decisions.”

It also prompted a complete re-nationalization of the French electricity company, announced this week by Prime Minister Elisabeth Born.

Le Maire believed that this “all-wheel-drive unit” would enable “quicker decisions on the strategic issue of zero-carbon electricity production in France”.

For the minister, the energy crisis is “the most important issue in the coming months.”

“We are facing an energy crisis that could have very serious consequences for our daily lives, for employment opportunities, for the productivity of our companies and for the French industrial tool,” said Le Maire.

Source: AFP.

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