France.. Cancellation of a concert by a Norwegian band that used Nazi and anti-Islamic phrases

The Nazi and anti-Islamic phrases chanted by the Norwegian band Take led to the cancellation of the group’s concert, which was to be held in France on September 5 next year.

The band’s controversial claims angered the organizers, who removed the concert’s poster and decided to cancel it, according to a report published by French site BFMTV.

The French report said that the arrival of the Norwegians from the group Take caused tension in France, where the group was supposed to perform a concert on September 5 in the Pigalle district of the capital of Paris.

He pointed out that the singer’s anti-Islamic stance and his use of neo-Nazi phrases and symbols provoked an angry backlash that led to the cancellation of the concert.

In a press release issued on August 17, the Paris-based anti-fascist group Hashd warned of “the arrival in Paris of an openly anti-Islamic group using Nazi symbols.”

In a statement, the French group indicated that all eyes were on singer Organ Stegberg, known by the pseudonym “Khost”.

He explained that the band’s vocalist appeared on stage in 2007 and drew a swastika on his chest during a concert in Essen, citing his anti-Islamic stance.

Source: French channel BFMTV

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