France announces the end of the withdrawal of its soldiers from the Central African Republic

The French Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday that it has withdrawn its last 130-strong military contingent from the Central African Republic.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defense said: “On December 15, French soldiers who were in the Central African Republic, as part of a logistics mission (MISLOG), left under the auspices of the national command.” Noting that “the mission, which involved 130 French soldiers, no longer has a practical justification.”

In 2021, Paris decided to suspend military cooperation with Bangui, as it considered him an accomplice in the anti-French campaign, which is supported by Russia – according to the French version.

The French unit within MISLOG was responsible for delivering logistics to the base where members of the European Union Training Mission and the United Nations Mission are stationed in the capital Bangui, with the aim of stabilizing the situation in the Central African Republic.

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