Four-time world champion from Germany Vettel spoke about the reasons for his decision to end his career.

German Sebastian Vettel, a four-time Formula 1 world champion, admitted after announcing his retirement from the circuits at the end of the current season that he “no longer has much desire and motivation to be here (in racing)”.

In addition to his 14th-place finish this year and driving an Aston Martin unable to compete, other reasons, notably environmental and family reasons, prompted the former Red Bull and Ferrari driver to announce his retirement at the end of his contract with his team this year.

Vettel said: “This is not a decision that I made overnight. The final decision was made on Wednesday (…) I thought a lot before making it. I think now is the right time for me to do other things (…) I don’t have much desire and motivation to be here just because I’m here.”

He continued, “The goal has always been to win and be ahead. I think that in the past I have had the privilege of participating in many cars and with great teams I have been able to achieve a lot. in terms of excellence, this team (Aston Martin) is not on hiatus. (…) But it is clear that our combination was not as strong as we would have liked.”

He continued: “Being so immersed also means spending a lot of time in your mind and thoughts, but also away from home, children and family, and I got other things, other interests, other points of view. I can’t ignore those voices.”

Vettel noted that his retirement is due to environmental reasons: “I travel the world, drive cars, burn resources. I think you can’t steal looks just by seeing these things (…) It’s not the only factor in my life. the decision is a combination of many things, but it is also part of it (…) my family and then other things that I would like to spend more time on.”

Vettel said his last career race would be the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November, but he left the door ajar to come back again: “Obviously the decision I’m making now closes a chapter. I’m not saying that once this season is over, another one will open soon and next year I will drive other cars. (…) These are really big changes. Time will tell, I think this is probably the most honest answer I can give at the moment.”

Source: AFP

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