Four Lebanese individuals face prosecution in Argentina for their involvement in a bombing in 1994.

On Thursday, Argentina attempted to issue an international arrest warrant for four Lebanese nationals suspected of involvement in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people and injured 300 others.

The judge granted the prosecutor’s request for an Interpol warrant, stating that the four were “employees or operatives” of Hezbollah.

Four are Hussein Munir Maznar, Ali Hussein Abdullah, Farooq Abdul Hai Amiri and Abdullah Salman. They are believed to be based in Paraguay, Brazil or Beirut.

It is suspected that Salman “coordinated the arrival and departure of the task force” that carried out the attack.

The attack on a Jewish center in the Argentine capital is the worst in the country’s history and follows a bombing two years earlier that killed 29 people.

The perpetrator of the 1994 attack has not been identified and no one has claimed responsibility for it, but Argentina and Israel suspect that the Lebanese Hezbollah carried it out at the request of Iran, which for its part denies any involvement.

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