Four killed, three injured in shooting in Tennessee

Police in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, said four people were killed and three others were injured in shootings in different parts of the city.

City officials described the incident as a “chain of atrocities.”

According to the city police, Ezekiel Kelly, a 19-year-old African-American young black man, started shooting Wednesday night, killing a man, and then continued shooting in the afternoon in other parts of the city. Meanwhile, in at least one of these cases, the perpetrator posted information about what was happening on Facebook.

Seren Davis, Memphis police chief, said: “Yes, four people were killed and three were injured. At least eight people were shot at and we are still investigating and it is possible that the locations will be discovered.” [جرائم] Another”.

He noted that the police urged residents to stay in their homes while the shooting continued, as the suspect was considered “armed and dangerous.”

On Wednesday evening local time, the police arrested Kelly and detained him. The police found two handguns in his car.

Source: TASS

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