• Accessibility – Assisted Steering sometimes has a tendency to fishtail or brake unexpectedly.  (Date Updated: 03.25.22)


  • Accolades – Five a Day, Marathon, Double Time reset if player fast travels or changes their car. (Date Added:12.7.21)
  • Accolades – UI – Open Empire – Does not have a tracker in accolade menu. (Date Updated:02.02.22)
  • Accolades – Getting Creative – Have a published vinyl shape that has been used 5 times does not increment correctly. (Date Updated:02.02.22)
  • Accolades – If an Event overrides your Drivatar difficulty to Unbeatable and your settings weren’t already on Unbeatable, you don’t make progress towards relevant Accolades (Date Updated:02.04.22)
  • Accolades – Photogenic – Shows wrong number in description. (Date Added:02.25.22)
  • Accolades – Catch Me if You Canyon Clean Time – Post a clean time does not unlock accolade for some players. (Date Added:02.25.22)
  • Accolades – Buggy and the Beast Clean Time – Posting a clean time does not unlock accolade for some players. (Date Added:02.25.22)
  • Accolades – On a Wing and a Prayer Clean Time – Posting a clean time does not unlock accolade for some players. (Date Added:02.25.22)
  • Accolades – Flood, sweat, and gears clean time – Does not unlock for some players.(Date Added:02.25.22)
  • Accolades – Odin’s Pride – Does not unlock after completing car mastery tree for 2019 Aston Martin Valhalla (Date Updated: 03.04.22)
  • Accolades – Devilish Surprise – Not completed after Unlocking the 1999 Lamborghini Diablo GTR from a Car Mastery tree. (Date Updated: 03.11.22)
  • Accolades – Unbeatable Street Racing – Pinned description incorrectly states player needs to win 10 races in a row (Date Updated:06.14.22)
  • Accolades – On the Naughty List – does not unlock after a photograph of a 1997 Lamborghini Diablo SV (Date Updated:06.27.22)
  • Accolades – Unbeatable Road Racing – Pinned description incorrectly states player needs to win 10 races in a row instead of win 10 races. (Date Updated:06.28.22)
  • Accolades – Love Bug – Pinned text says to use “1966” Beetle instead of “1963” Beetle. (Date Updated:06.28.22)


  • Achievements – Dust in the Lens – Take a Photo featuring the Gran Telescopio and a dust storm may not unlock when in EventLab (Date Updated: 08.02.22)

Auction House

  • Auction House – UI – Players may become stuck in a loading loop in auction messages.(Date Added:01.20.22)
  • Auction House – UI – Sometimes car thumbnails do not match car image or paint. (Date Added:01.27.22)
  • Auction House – Retrieving credits from bids adds to the total winnings stat. (Date Updated:12.21.21)
  • Auction House – Searching by just Car Type does not return results. (Date Updated: 03.18.22)
  • Auction House – Bid may fail and remove credits. Player may receive a “Bid Failed” or a “Not enough credits” message (Date Updated: 03.22.22)


  • Audio – When changing output format from stereo to 7.1 (or any other combination) the game sometimes goes silent.

Barn Finds

  • Barn Finds – Unable to collect the Mk1 Ford Escort. This may show up after a reboot
  • Barn Find – Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 – Some players are not able to collect this car and sometimes the repair process restarts. (Date Added:02.25.22)
  • Barn Finds – Some barn find locations are not unlocking for players  (Date Updated: 03.25.22)


  • Cars – Livery – Liveried Gift Car thumbnails show as stock car paint until the player gets into the car and drives it and applies an upgrade or tune. (Date Added:11.19.21)
  • Cars – 2002 Enzo Ferrari – Stock rims are chrome in free roam after painting them black. (Date Added:11.23.21)
  • Cars – Toyota Supra RZ 1998 – Paint appears different colours when using the KRC kit.(Date Updated: 02.10.22)
  • Cars – UI – Jeep CJ5 Renegade 1976 – Tires on thumbnail in Autoshow, Car Collection and Garage are flipped 180% (Date Added:01.27.22)
  • Cars – Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2017 – Changing front bumper does not update car stats(Date Updated:02.02.22)
  • Cars – Toyota Supra RZ 1998 – Stretched textures are present on some Rear Wings (Date Updated: 02.10.22)
  • Cars – Ford 1968 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback – Reported tuning issues inconsistent with previous title expectations. (Date Added:12.01.21)
  • Cars – GMC Jimmy 1970 – Wheels car get stuck in the ground after a jump/long fall (Date Updated:02.02.22)
  • Cars – 1969 Volkswagen Class 5/1600 Baja Bug – Tires are visibly clipping with the ground (Date Updated:01.04.22)
  • Cars – UI – Car thumbnail image is missing for some cars. (Date Added:01.18.22)
  • Cars – Some vehicles use paddle gear shifting animation when the car does not have paddles. (examples: Mercedes-Benz W154 1939) (Date Updated:02.18.22)
  • Cars – Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 (1982) – No exhaust animation(2.22.22)
  • Cars – Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 1982 – No exhaust animation (Date Updated: 03.04.22)
  • Cars – Ferrari FXX-K Evo 2018 – Rear spoiler is not working during acceleration and breaking.  (Date Updated: 03.04.22)
  • Cars – Painting – Lexani LTC-701 – Rims inner barrel can’t be painted (Date Updated: 03.11.22)
  • Cars – Unlocking the 1999 Lamborghini Diablo GTR from the 1997 Lamborghini Diablo SV skill mastery does not add it to player garages. (Date Updated: 03.22.22)
  • Cars – 1991 Hoonigan Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 Turbo not unlocked from the mastery tree of the 1995 Porsche 911 GT2 (Date Updated: 03.25.22)
  • Cars – 1997 Lamborghini Diablo SV can have an audio loop in free roam (Date updated: 4.6.22)
  • Cars – 2019 RAESR Tachyon Speed – Transmission swap to 4 gear causes out of class performance. (Date Updated:04.08.22)
  • Cars - 1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe - The rear car wheels are clipping after ‘Race Springs And Dampers’ and ‘Rear track width’ upgrades(4.15.22) 
  • Cars - 2019 Aston Martin Valhalla Concept Car - Tires clip through body when drift suspension and off-road tires are installed. (4.15.22)
  • Cars – Graphics – Headlights and Taillights may disappear when car is submerged in water.(4.15.22) 
  • Cars – 2011 Audi RS 5 Coupé Passenger Door is the Driver door mirrored (Date Updated: 04.22.22)
  • Cars – 1956 Ford F-100 – When the Weld Alumastar 2.0 Drag wheel of the Ford F-100 is set to a 245/55R16 sized tire, it clips through the rear wheel well (Date Updated: 04.22.22)
  • Cars – 2554 AMG Transport Dynamics M12S Warthog CST – Vehicle has see through wheels in motion. (Date Updated: 04.29.22)
  • Cars – Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2020 – Active aero, rear wing Shut-off Gurney does not work (Date Added: 05.17.22)
  • Cars – MINI Cooper S 1965 –  Car is missing badges on front (Date Updated: 05.20.22)
  • Cars – Auto Union Type D 1939  – Car floats off the ground with off-road suspension installed (Date Updated: 05.20.22)
  • Cars – Gameplay – Some cars will not rev past 3,000RPM when shifting from 1st to Reverse or Reverse to 1st  (Date Updated: 05.20.22)
  • Cars – McLaren P1 2013 – Active aero works in forzavista but not in free roam.  (Date Updated: 05.20.22)
  • Cars – Painting – WORK VS XX rims do not apply some paints correctly. (Date Updated:06.27.22)
  • Cars – 2012 Hot Wheels Bad to the Blade – Some consumable car mastery perks are not working. (Date Updated: 08.15.22)
  • Cars – 2010 Forsberg Racing Toyota Gumout 2JZ Camry Stock Car – Car roof can’t be painted with a livery. (Date Updated: 10.18.22)
  • Cars – Graphics – Black headlights and car windows on multiple cars in thumbnails. (Date Updated: 10.18.22)


  • Clubs – Players may receive network error messages when trying to create clubs.
  • Clubs – Club tag is not displaying for some players. (Date Updated: 10.12.22)


  • Controller – Custom Controller mapping cannot be saved with unassigned actions
  • Controller – Advanced controller option to Switch Anna / Telemetry / TTS is not available for custom controller profiles.
  • Controller – After creating a Custom Layout player is unable to use any ANNA/LINK options
  • Controller – Title switches between Keyboard and controller for input overriding player choice. (Date Updated: 03.04.22)


  • Convoy – UI – Player may see a message “You have joined a Convoy, Return to Freeroam to meet them” when they are already in an event with the convoy.  (Date Updated:02.02.22)
  • Convoy – Some players get a disconnect error message after completing a race together. (Date Updated: 05.31.22)
  • Convoy – Some players occasionally can’t use menus after host disconnects while loading a race. (Date Updated: 05.31.22)


  • Co-op – Festival Playlist – Seasonal Championships – Player could enter the Co-op Seasonal Championship in their own car and then got disconnected during loading cutscene (Date Added:01.26.22)
  • Co-op – Festival Playlist – Seasonal Championships – Race does not load when players try to queue for a seasonal championship with the co-op option. (Date Updated: 05.18.22)


  • Crash – Crashes during free roam, tuning cars, applying upgrades due to memory issue causing loss of tunes, cars, or upgrades
  • Crash – Game may crash when purchasing/receiving an auction house car, resulting in losing that car. (Date Added:12.7.21)
  • Crash – Game may crash on launch for some players. Please see support article “My Game is Not Launching or is Crashing on PC
  • Crash – Game may crash with the error message “The memory could not be read” (Date Updated: 10.04.22)


  • DLC – UI – Game is incorrectly showing some DLC packs as free. (Date Added:12.7.21)
  • DLC – Some players are not getting weekly wheelspins for VIP (Date Updated: 03.04.22)
  • DLC – Some players are erroneously gaining access to DLC, such as car pass cars, VIP, or the treasure map. (Date Updated: 10.07.22)


  • Eliminator – Sometimes the event loads the player into their free roam car. (Date Updated:04.08.22)


  • Environment – Horizon Open – Rarely, Player’s car is seen falling out of the sky at the beginning of the championship (Date Updated:01.07.22)
  • Environment – Cars may get stuck under a ramp near Ek’ Balam. (Date Added:12.20.21)
  • Environment – Sometimes collision is lost on world objects or during races. (Date Updated: 03.18.22)
  • Environment – Danger Signs – Routes to some danger signs are beside the ramp instead of in front causing some routing issues.(Date Updated: 03.25.22)

Event Lab

  • Event Lab – Black bars persist on top of the screen when creating a new route.
  • Event Lab – Some teams conditions for rules of play are not working. (Date Updated: 03.04.22)
  • Event Lab – Checkpoints Activate when too close together. Checkpoints that are very close or overlap may cause a checkpoint missed message even though they go through the checkpoint. (Date Updated:07.08.22)
  • Event Lab – Prop percentage displays incorrect amount and may show over 100% (Date Updated: 10.18.22)


  • Expeditions –  Players may not get kicked for inactivity while in the Pause Menu if another player is already in the Waiting For Players screen.

Festival Playlist

  • Festival Playlist – Weekly Challenge – Challenges may reset after restarting the game. (Date Added:01.20.22)
  • Festival Playlist – Weekly Challenge – Chapter 1- Car may not be recognized and the chapter will not complete. (Date Updated: 4.5.22)
  • Festival Playlist – Showcase Event – Buggy and the Beast – if a player in co-op they may get cinematic black bars persisting in the stadium phase
  • Festival Playlist – Series 5 – Autumn – Treasure Hunt – Incey Wincey Spyder – Chest cannot be broken for some players.  (Date Updated: 03.18.22)
  • Festival Playlist – Series 6 – Summer – Daily Challenge – Full Potential – Event may not complete for some players. (4.15.22) 
  • Festival Playlist- Daily Challenge – Bargain Hunt – Does not complete after buying and redeeming a car on the Auction house for some players. (Date Updated: 05.19.22)
  • Festival Playlist – Treasure Hunt – Challenge may not complete and treasure chest does not appear. (Date Updated: 06.23.22)
  • Festival Playlist – Series 12 – Weekly Challenge – Chapters may complete out of order and may cause remaining charters from being completed. (Date Updated: 10.07.22)

Forzathon Shop

  • Forzathon shop – Players may purchase a car with points and it will not appear in their inventory / garage. (Date updated:1.11.22)


  • Gameplay – No reset car position is available when a Player is stuck in Playground games (Date Updated:01.05.22)
  • Gameplay – AI – Drivatars may sometimes skip checkpoints during races appearing to teleport. (Date Updated: 03.04.22)
  • Gameplay – Players passing finish line in first place occasionally get second place after race finishes. (Date Updated: 03.18.22)
  • Gameplay – Cars – If Convertible animation is triggered while moving other car functions will not work until the animation is complete. (4.15.22)
  • Gameplay – Anna can queue multiple lines and may talk for minutes (Date Updated: 04.22.22)
  • Gameplay – Players may get an “Inactivity detected” error message when using Drone Mode. (Date Updated: 06.20.22)
  • Gameplay – Hot Wheels – Some cars detach from the magnet track at high speeds. (Date Updated: 08.15.22)
  • Gameplay – Hot Wheels – Some cars clip through track and loops at high speeds which makes them slow down when playing online. (Date Updated:08.22.22)
  • Gameplay – Sometimes after a jump and ground impact cars cannot shift gears. (Date Updated: 10.07.22)

Gift Drop

  • Gift Drop – In the event of rollback or error, the returned car does not have livery / tune applied (Date updated:1.13.22)
  • Gift Drop – The livery or tune on a Gift Drop can be removed if an error is encountered while uploading it (Date updated:1.13.22)


  • Gifts – Player is not asked to confirm before spending their forzathon points on a gift(Date updated:1.13.22)


  • Graphics – Ground not loading and game freezing(2.3.22) 
  • Graphics – Camera / Screen shaking wildly after leaving/joining event or reconnecting(2.7.22)
  • Graphics – Photo Mode – Square shadows while taking shots in Photo Mode with high shutter speed (Date Added:07.12.22)


  • Head-to-Head – Losing the race during rewind forces the player out of the rewind and causes the car to be stuck in place with high speed
  • Head to Head – Opponents may be listed as a D-class car

Horizon Arcade

  • Horizon Arcade – Players are not awarded points if they are disconnected. (Date Added:11.24.21)
  • Horizon Arcade – Doesn’t correctly pull groups of players in for full sessions. (Date Updated: 02.18.22)
  • Horizon Arcade – Event disappears after the Player goes to the Festival or outpost. (Date Updated: 03.11.22)

Horizon Stories

  • Horizon Stories – Leaderboards have some entries that are the wrong PI or a different car then is used in the event. (Date Updated: 04.29.22)
  • Horizon Stories – Born Fast – An incorrect distance is displayed on the minimap and finish line. (Date Added: 05.17.22)
  • Horizon Stories – Hot Wheels A History of Speed – Chapter 4 Treasure Hunting – Speed Boost pads may slow down car when Braking is set to assisted. (Date Updated: 08.15.22)
  • Horizon Stories – Chapters may appear to be locked if previous chapters are completed using coop. (Date updated:09.07.22)


  • Houses – Hotel Castillo – Daily wheelspin from this house has sporadic timing (Date Added:02.25.22)


  • Localization – Chinese – Mistranslation of “Treasure Hunt” (Date Updated: 03.11.22)
  • Localization – Horizon Stories – Born Fast – Czech – “Makes no difference to me” is mistranslated.  (Date Updated: 03.18.22)
  • Localization – German – Wrong name for Bahia de Plano in some menus  (Date Updated: 04.29.22)
  • Localization – German – Wrong text used in Forzathon “Plot Twist. (Date Added: 05.17.22)
  • Localization – Brazilian Portuguese – Mistranslation of team and victorious, Vitórias should be Vitorioso (Date Added: 05.17.22)
  • Localization – German – Hot Wheels – Double Triple – Event says to use the Waterside Drift Zone instead of Frozen Rush Speed Zone. (Try the challenge using the Supersonic Spiral and Frozen Rush Speed Zones) (Date Updated: 07.22.22)
  • Localization – Chinese (Simplified) – “Festival Playlist” is not translated correctly. (Date Updated: 07.27.22)
  • Localization – Korean – “Hope you’re enjoying the game!” is not translated correct. (Date Updated: 07.27.22)
  • Localization – Portuguese – Text uses “frios” when “freios” is expected. (Date Updated: 07.27.22)
  • Localization – Eliminator “Drivers remaining” is not translated correctly in some languages. (Date Updated: 09.13.22)
  • Localization – German – Hot Wheels – Double Triple – Event says to use the Waterside Drift Zone instead of Frozen Rush Speed Zone. (Try the challenge using the Supersonic Spiral and Frozen Rush Speed Zones) (Date Updated: 07.27.22)
  • Localization – German – Hot Wheels Super Loops has incorrect text for pinned tasks (Date updated:09.07.22)
  • Localization – German – Hot Wheels S1 Outside, Inside – The translation is incorrect for the pinned task.  (Date updated:09.07.22)
  • Localization – Polish –  Festival Playlist – Series 13 – Daily Horizon Legacy – Text says to use a custom horizon open event when the challenge is for a regular Horizon Open event. (Date Updated: 10.21.22)


  • Performance – Gameplay – Rewind – Co-op / PVP – Using rewind mode several times in a row freezes player’s car (Date Added:01.20.22)
  • Performance – Players may receive a “Low streaming bandwidth” error message. (Date Updated:02.02.22)
  • Performance – Rivals – Game may freeze or stall after completing a rivals lap and the time is not saved. (Date updated:09.07.22)


  • Photos – Wheels do not stay turned left or right in photo mode. (Date Added:11.22.21)


  • Saves – Some players are experiencing save rollbacks when reloading into the game.
  • Saves – Players may receive a save error message (E:104f-0, E:106f-0, E:107f-0, E:1043-0, E:136f-0, e:306f-0, E:1047-0, e:1045-0, E:10cf-f, E:107D-0, E:116f-0, E:116f-0, E:47,e:108f-f, e:1007-0, e:100f-0, e:1005-0, e:1007-19, e:102f-0, E:104d-0, E:103f-0, E:112f-0, E:132f-0, e:1005-19, E:100f-18, e:7-19, E:0-0) (Date Updated: 07.27.22)
  • Saves – Photo Mode – Players who have a lot of photos may receive a “Too Many Saves” error message
  • Saves – Some players are getting a “Too Many Saves” error message when interacting with liveries and tunes. (Date Added:02.25.22)
  • Saves – Player garage is significantly reduced with no noticeable lost progress (Date Updated: 03.04.22)
  • Saves – Player may get a “File Writing Failed. Please try to save it again” error when downloading liveries and tunes (Date Updated: 04.22.22)


  • Stories  – “Off the Beaten Trail” Test Driver Story and certain optional Expedition objectives cannot be completed with maximum assists enabled

Super 7

  • Super 7 – Dust Storm and Tropical Storm aren’t selectable options in Challenge Card Weather Settings


  • Tuning – Break balance on some cars is reversed when adjusting front and rear. (Date Added:01.14.22)


  • UGC – UI – Unsharing a tune, livery, etc may not remove it from shared items. (Date Updated: 05.10.22)


  • UI – Navigation lines may be missing when using ANNA to complete more Horizon Stories for Accolades
  • UI – Players are not getting the reward for completing car collections (Date Updated: 02.07.22)
  • UI – Localization – Spanish – Most names are being used incorrectly in game in subtitles and voice over. (Some examples include: “Tom” Instead of “Tobias, “Iker” Instead of “Javier, jesus” Instead of “Jorge”, “Alexandro” Instead of “Luis”)(Date Updated:1/18/21)
  • UI – German – M for Meters is incorrectly translated(1.11.22)
  • UI – French – Garage/Settings Trouver des réglage” instead of “Trouver des réglages 
    The “s” is missing(1.11.22)
  • UI – Spanish – “Tuneo” instead of “Melodias”(Date Added:1/11/22)
  • UI – Localization – German – When changing name back to English the translation for names change(1.11.21) 
  • UI – Portuguese – Translation incorrect when leaving convoy(1.11.22)
  • UI – Localization – Hungary – “Tune” is translated incorrectly(1/12/22)
  • UI – Localization – German – “Allrounder” is mistyped on Tune share(1/12/22)
  • UI – Localization – Espanol – “Apollo” is called “Forza Motorsport 7″(1/12/22)
  • UI – Localization – Spanish – Graphical Settings have reversed text(1/12/22)
  • UI – Localization – German – 2018 Apollo IE “HEISS Angebot” is incorrect translation(1/12/22)
  • UI – Localization – Brazilian Portuguese – Team victory screen not translated correctly(1/12/22) 
  • UI – Localization – Spanish – Connection Disconnect Mispelling(1/12/22) 
  • UI – Localization – German – Test Driver Story Mode Translation(1/18/22)
  • UI – Stats – Area discovered stat can increment more than 56 landmarks. (Date Updated:02.02.22)
  • UI – UGC – My Designs shows wrong stats or stats as 0 for some players. (Date Updated:01.28.22)
  • UI – German – Translation for “new personal best time”(2.8.22) 
  • UI – xCloud will not display metric units when changed in settings. (Date Added:02.25.22)
  • UI – Prestige Stars may not display correctly in leaderboards (Date Updated: 03.04.22)
  • UI – Words flagged by language filter for inappropriate content erroneously (Date Updated: 03.11.22)
  • UI – Leaderboards – Using “Near Me” filter jumps to the top when scrolling (Date Updated: 03.18.22)
  • UI – Leaderboards – Sometimes leaderboards are not updating with player’s personal best. (Date Updated: 07.20.22)
  • UI – Horizon Promo – Mercedes AMG One 2021 Forza Edition appears in Horizon Promo list but is not in game yet.(Date Updated: 03.25.22)
  • UI – Accolades – Some accolades may remain on screen in the HUD after being completed. (Date Updated: 04.29.22)
  • UI – Data Out Telemetry not working on Steam, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series x (Date Updated: 05.19.22)
  • UI – Map – Players’ dots on the map may appear to be driving a D-class car
  • UI – Map filter option disappears after some actions. (Such as returning to free roam after completing a Horizon Open round.) (Date Updated: 05.31.22)
  • UI – Accolades – Sometimes pinning accolades does not show the text requirements in free roam. (Date Added:07.12.22)
  • UI – Horizon Open – Badges are unlocking early before player is actually the required level (Date Updated: 07.27.22)
  • UI – Settings – Rivals – Game Speed settings does not tell players that rivals laps will be flagged. Players will need to set Offline Game speed to 100 to set a rivals lap. (Date Updated: 08.15.22)
  • UI – Seasonal PG Games – Team Flag Rush – Score may display as 0 instead of the actual score. This does not affect the outcome of the match, just the score display. (Date Updated: 09.12.22)
  • UI – Horizon Promo – 1963 Volkswagen Beetle displays as both captured and not captured after a photo is taken (Date Updated: 09.19.22)


  • Wheelspins – Wheelspin may not be granted on level up in free roam.


  • xCloud – Players may experience mouse control issues on the Replay screen




  • Graphics – Some players may see graphical corruption on Xbox Series X|S devices (Date Added:11.22.21)
  • Crash – Hot Wheels – Xbox Series X|S – Stall and crash during first expedition cutscene. (Date Updated: 07.27.22)

PC Windows 10/11 & Steam

  • User is not messaged to download media pack on Windows N version (windows 10 and 11)
  • Settings – Some graphics settings are not saved after closing the game.
  • Performance – Texture rendering issues on PC for terrain and vegetation when using Resolution Scaling On (Date Added:12.03.21)
  • UI – Mouse cursor may disappear after some actions. (Date Added:01.18.22)
  • Players are having to reinstall the full title when acquiring update (Date Added:01.27.22)
  • Performance – AMD – Title Screen not functional at 1440p(2.1.22)
  • AMD – Raytracing causes slow loading/lag in the upgrade menus(2.8.22)
  • Nvidia – Players are experiencing crashes when editing tunes/livery while ray tracing is enabled (Workaround: Turning off Ray Tracing will avoid the crash) (Date Updated:02.18.22)
  • Players are crashing in various places, navigating menus, driving, resulting in a Windows error code: 0xc0000005(4.11.22)
  • Graphics – Multicolor or rainbow colors and texture on the ground for Nvidia card users, players have solved issue by temporarily downloading previous Nvidia driver (7.18.22)
  • PC – Performance – For some players the game does not load races and will show a black loading screen. (Date Updated: 09.26.22)


  • (both AMD and NVidia) system memory usage is very high causing performance degradation
  • PC – Players are experiencing graphical issues, Green/Pink screen and then crashing (Date Added:12.28.21)
  • Players are experiencing a pinkish hue on screen when driving (Date Added:12.28.21)
  • PC – Hot Wheels – Some players on Windows are not able to access the DLC in game and get the upsell message after video. (Date Updated: 07.27.22)


  • Players may be experiencing performance degradation after extended time playing due to memory issues


  • Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ V1.5 – Input from the shifter is not registered
  • Players using wheels are unable to navigate the Controls Mapping screen using the D-pad after creating a new Custom Layout
  • There is no “Rev Engine” binding in the Upgrade Shop when using a wheel
  • Xbox currently does not have a ” sensitivity/wheel rotation angle” option
  • Wheels – Issue causing steering wheels to pull to the right(2.23.22)
  • Wheel – User is asked to save changes in Wheel Controls Settings regardless if changes were made
  • Wheel – Clutch not recognized when mapping in Settings (Date Updated: 07.27.22)
  • Inputs & Peripherals – Wheels – Chosen Input Mapping layout changes to wheel’s default after restarting the title on PC (9.14.22)
  • Wheels – Performance – Players may experience gameplay and sound issues when wheels are connected. (Date Updated: 10.18.22)