Former Vice-Chancellor of Austria: Europeans are hurting themselves with sanctions against Russia

Former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache said Europe could be fooled that Russia would be brought to its knees by sanctions, and the Europeans did themselves a disservice by supporting sanctions.

“We’ve been through a lot lately,” the politician said at a meeting in Vienna. “We are living under the sanctions that have been adopted and deceived us that we can win something by bringing Russia to its knees. This is not at all the case.” …We see a positive trade balance in Russia, and if we talk about oil and gas trade, revenues have increased from 100 billion to 220 billion this year … There is no doubt that Russia will kneel!”

As a result of sanctions against Russia, Strache said, “we are hurting ourselves, and Austria is hurting itself.”

He added: “We are seeing rising prices for electricity, gas and food. More people are suffering. This is a matter of social justice. we have not yet reached this stage. Many experts warn of the danger of development, which we have noticed this year, that in March-April we will face a wave of bankruptcies.

Strache continued: “All this is damn dangerous … a threat to the well-being and the consequences of social policy in our country, when more and more people are at a loss, this can threaten public relations, which we do not want, and every politically responsible person should prevent this.”

And on Saturday, despite the cold weather, demonstrations took place in Vienna, the participants of which called on the Austrian authorities to reconsider their decision to support the EU sanctions policy against Russia, to fully maintain the country’s neutrality and efforts to combat illegal immigration. .

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