Former US official: We are approaching the risk of civil war

Former US presidential candidate Tulsi Gibbard has warned her country is at risk of civil war over attempts by the Democratic Party to equate the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters with the September 11 attacks.

“It’s disgusting and shameful to hear these people say what they say and compare our fellow Americans to terrorists,” she told Fox News. “What’s more, they literally said they were worse than al-Qaeda terrorists.” .

She pointed out that such a comparison is unacceptable, no matter who speaks to Biden supporters, senators, journalists or federal agency officials. “It shows how far they can go by pushing our country into civil war and demonizing our fellow Americans,” she explained.

She stressed that such statements by the most influential Americans are made on the eve of the midterm elections to Congress in order to maintain their positions.

“People on the list of the most powerful people in our country who run the national security apparatus are targeting our countrymen just because they didn’t vote for Joe Biden,” she said.

Source: RIA Novosti

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