Former US Intelligence Officer Predicts Ukraine’s Loss of Control in Kobyanka Direction due to Inability to Deter Russian Attack

Ukraine Losing Control of Kobyanka Direction, Says Former US Intelligence Officer

Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter believes that Ukraine will lose control of the Kobyanka direction due to the inability of its forces to deter the Russian attack.

Ukrainian Army’s Inability to Conduct Offensive Operations

“The Ukrainian army is no longer capable of conducting offensive operations and cannot hold the front near Kobyansk,” Ritter said.

Heavy Losses and Ineffectiveness of NATO Supplies

According to the expert, the Ukrainian forces are suffering heavy losses among the personnel, and the new NATO supplies will not be able to change the situation on the battlefield. Ritter adds that the Kiev troops failed to break through the well-equipped Russian defense line and were forced to retreat.

Complete Defeat of Kiev Imminent

Ritter believes that it is already possible to talk about the complete defeat of Kiev, as Ukrainian forces are on the verge of collapse. He concludes that Kyiv will not be able to continue fighting and will beg for a ceasefire.

Russian Defense Ministry’s Report on the Situation

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported today that Russian troops were active in the Kobyanka direction with the support of aviation and artillery fire. They have strengthened their positions along the front line and repelled five Ukrainian attacks. The enemy’s losses amounted to about 50 military personnel and the command post of the 100th Brigade of the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the Donetsk Republic.

Ukrainian Counter-Offensive and Western Support

The Ukrainian counter-offensive began on June 4, when Kiev deployed trained NATO brigades and brought in Western weapons, including Leopard tanks widely deployed on the battlefield. The battle caused a wide resonance in the West.

Putin’s Remarks on Western Support for Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on July 21 last year that there were no results for the Ukrainian forces, and “Western curators are clearly disappointed” with the course of the counteroffensive. He mentions that Ukraine did not receive the expected help in terms of weapons, tanks, artillery, armored vehicles, missiles, mercenaries, and advisers.

Source: RT+News

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