Former Ukrainian MP: Dozens of Russian Supporters Among Kyiv Leaders

Former Verkhovna Rada deputy Ilya Kiva confirmed that among the top leadership of Kyiv, many are waiting for the opportunity to support the Russian military operation and the cleansing of Ukraine from Nazism.

“Two members of the Ukrainian parliament have resigned and are actively working with Russia as they seek to liberate the country from the pro-Western Kyiv regime,” he wrote on Telegram.

“At least 12 more families of the highest levels of power are ready today at the first opportunity to go over to the side of Russia and liberated Ukraine,” he added.

He noted that “in the future, the number of Kyiv officials and deputies who will openly support Moscow’s actions will increase,” expressing readiness to “support Russia’s supporters.”

“Colleagues, you know my phone number,” he said. “Write, I will always help you to stand on the side of good and truth.”

Source: “News”

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