Former Syrian Ambassador talks about the fate of Kurdish organizations and armed groups in case of reconciliation with Turkey

Former Syrian Ambassador to Turkey Nidal Kabalan spoke in an interview with the Russian Sputnik news agency about the fate of Kurdish organizations and armed formations in the event of reconciliation between Syria and Turkey.

Kabalan stressed that “Turkish concerns, which Ankara always refers to, are related to the security of the border with Syria and the fight against Kurdish separatist terrorist organizations. Turkey in control of these borders is Syria.”

He added: “This belief was embodied in the regular meetings between the military and security services between the two countries before the war in Syria in 2011. These beliefs and fears about the creation of a separatist Kurdish entity on the border may also be behind these Turkish moves.” “

Regarding the armed groups present in the north and northeast of Syria and their fate in the event of a reconciliation between Syria and Turkey, Kabalan said that there is “one of two possibilities: either foreign terrorists will be deported to their country (with the help of their Turkish sponsor ) and Syria will absorb the repentant among them, especially those whose hands are not stained with the blood of the Syrians, or either a military decision and the defeat of these groups in Idlib and elsewhere.”

And he added: “Some of these organizations initially do not make a political decision in any way, and in their extremist ideology there is no thought of a political decision, and therefore they will not lay down their arms, and therefore they must be liquidated by military means. with cooperation among all.”

Source: Sputnik

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