Former South African president calls for jail sentence to be overturned

Former South African President Jacob Zuma has called for an end to the decision to return him to jail after he was granted a conditional release last September, two months after he was imprisoned.

Zuma, 80, was jailed in July 2021 for 15 months for contempt of justice. He repeatedly refused to testify before a commission of inquiry into rampant corruption during his tenure (2009-2018). The Special Committee submitted an incriminating report on this matter.

Last December, the judiciary overturned Zuma’s parole, saying the head of the Prisons Authority who ruled in that direction had no authority to do so, while lawyers representing the Prisons Authority argued they followed medical indications. advice.

Maribula Mfaheli confirmed that Jacob Zuma suffers from “an incurable disease or a chronic and advanced illness” and a doctor recommended his parole due to his “incapacity”, referring to a health condition that has “gradually worsened since 2018”.

While in prison, Zuma underwent surgery, details of which were not made public.

Notably, the country has seen violent protests and looting following Zuma’s arrest in July 2021, which killed more than 350 people and hit the country’s economy.

Source: AFP

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