Former Slovak Prime Minister: Ukraine’s NATO Membership Opposes National Interests

Former Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico confirmed that Kyiv’s accession to NATO is contrary to the national interests of his country, with the continuation of the military conflict in Ukraine.

Fico, who is the leader of one of the largest opposition parties, Smer, said at a press conference on Friday that he believes “Ukraine cannot become a member of NATO while there is a military conflict on its territory.” territory,” he said, “on the whole, Ukraine’s membership in NATO is contrary to our national interests.

Wiseau criticized Slovak President Zuzana Caputova for not clarifying her position on the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius, which concerns increasing defense investment commitments to a minimum level of 2% of GDP, as well as Ukraine’s membership in the alliance.

It is noteworthy that Ukraine during the Vilnius summit called on NATO to take “decisive steps” regarding the expression of its support and prospects for joining the alliance, and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believed that Ukraine’s membership was impossible as long as the conflict on its territory continues.

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