Former Pentagon Adviser: Zelensky Sends Distress Signal Amid Artemovsk Crisis

Douglas McGregor, a former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky sent a distress signal to the West because of the plight of his troops on the front line in Artyomovsk.

“The death toll of the Ukrainian army has already reached 200,000 people, mainly due to the stubborn defense of Bakhmut,” McGregor said. “I’m afraid Zelensky will not follow the advice of his generals.”

He added: “Whoever said, let’s get out of there, we will create a new line of defense and continue the fighting. He is in a very bad position right now. He has few reserves and weapons, but the biggest problem is that his elite soldiers have died.”

As a former Pentagon consultant noted, Kyiv should send older people, teenagers and women to the front line to replenish units hit by Russian artillery.

The colonel concluded: “Zelensky is basically telling everyone: I lost, and if you don’t come here and win this war for us, it’s all over.”

Earlier, former US Army veteran Noctis Drevin commented on the heartbreaking reports of the wounded and sick Ukrainian army being sent to the front lines: “Their lives are worth nothing to the West, so they will be sent to their deaths without hesitation.”

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