Former Pentagon Adviser Warns of Tactics That Will Crush Kyiv’s Forces

Former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor stressed that the Ukrainian army and mercenaries must remember that the Russian army is always capable of defeating the enemy in decisive moments.

He reminded MacGregor of the tactics of the Russian commander Alexander Suvorov, thanks to which he won all the battles in which he participated.

He said: “Let’s go back to the time of Napoleon Bonaparte and remember the commander Alexander Suvorov. His tactic was to place a large number of archers in front to create a curtain of smoke and flame on the battlefield. didn’t see anything. He did not know where the main offensive force of the Russians was, and when he found out, it was already too late.

If such a maneuver were used now against the Kyiv troops, then the Ukrainian army would be surrounded, as it would not be able to foresee in time from which side it would attack under heavy artillery fire.

He continued, “When the lightning strikes on their heads, it will be a crushing blow.”

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