Former leader of the Conservative Party: Go ahead, Johnson!

Former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard called on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign after the Conservative Party lost two seats in a by-election.

Howard suggested that cabinet ministers consider running against the prime minister if he remains in office, stressing that “the party and, most importantly, our country will be better off with new leadership.”

He added: “Members of the Council of Ministers should weigh their positions very carefully.”

Howard’s remarks came after Conservative Party chairman Oliver Dowden resigned following the party’s crushing defeats in Devon and West Yorkshire.

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Dowden said: “We cannot continue to conduct business as usual. Someone has to take responsibility and I have come to the conclusion that under the circumstances it would be wrong for me to remain in my post.”

According to Conservative Party sources, Johnson was surprised by Dowden’s resignation.

Source: The Independent

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