Former F1 owner: I’m ready to take a bullet for Putin

Bernie Ecclestone, the former owner of the commercial rights to Formula 1, called Russian President Vladimir Putin a first-class person who is ready to take a bullet for him.

Speaking about his position on the war in Ukraine, Ecclestone said in an interview with IT: “I am still ready to take a bullet for Putin. It would be better to avoid getting hurt, but I am ready to take a bullet for him because he is a first-class person and does what he does. He thinks it’s right. He does it for Russia.”

Referring to the responsibility of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the former F1 owner said: “Unfortunately, all businessmen, and I, of course, make mistakes from time to time. When this happens, you do your best to fix it. If done right. “I mean someone else in Ukraine. I understand that he was a comedian and I think he wanted to stay in his profession. I think if he thought right, he would have made enough effort to talk to Mr. Putin, Putin is a sane person, and he would have listened to him and done something.”

When asked, do you think that President Zelensky should have done more to avoid this war? Could Zelensky, not Putin, have avoided this? Of course, Ecclestone replied.

Source: RT

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