Former Bulgarian official predicts serious consequences due to "The stupidity of the country’s authorities in relation to Russia"

Former Deputy Energy Minister of Bulgaria Yavor Koyumdzhiyev said that unbearable gas prices await Bulgaria because of the stupidity of the country’s authorities towards Russia.

The ex-official explained that fuel prices will rise, although the Balkan Peninsula has not previously experienced a shortage of gas due to supplies from Russia and, to a lesser extent, from Azerbaijan.

“When we ourselves refuse a contract (with Russia) that guarantees us refueling and predictability, what happens is what we are now seeing. -term contract at predictable prices.

He said that what we are now seeing on the market is crazy, and in practice Bulgaria has returned to buy the same Russian gas again, but from the world market and at high prices.

He noted that this winter the Bulgarian authorities will be forced to take loans to pay for fuel.

Source: RIA Novosti

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