Forest Fire Breaks Out on Mediterranean Coast of Spain, Bordering France: Latest Updates

Forest Fire Breaks Out on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain


On Friday, a forest fire broke out on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, on the border with France, as it quickly spread due to strong winds, which led to the isolation of the village and campsite in this tourist area.

Fire Area Expands

The Forest Guard of the Government of Catalonia reported via platform “X” (formerly Twitter) that the area affected by the fire has increased to include more than 150 hectares at 19:25 local time (5:25 GMT) compared to 50 hectares an hour before.

Isolation Measures

For its part, the Civil Defense Forces said that “Catalan firefighters have ordered the isolation of the municipality of Cholera, the La Rovilada area and the San Michele camp” because of the fire in Portbou, a Spanish town on the border with France.

Firefighting Efforts

Firefighters in Catalonia reported the mobilization of dozens of fire departments, including several aviation units, and also attracted 10 fire engines from the neighboring Eastern Pyrenees of France to the operation.

A spokesman for French firefighters confirmed the dispatch of a French bomber, but it was unable to complete its task due to strong winds, and added: “For the time being, the fire is limited to Spanish territory.”


Source: AFP.

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