"Foreign policy"Nord Stream shutdown portends harsh winter in Europe

Foreign Policy magazine said that if Russian gas supplies continue, Europe will face a “harsh winter.”

Writer Christina Le Vie added: magazine Experts say the situation could be exacerbated by the suspension of planned repairs on the Nord Stream project, saying: “This portends trouble for the coming winter, when energy demand will increase and large volumes of gas will be required to heat houses.”

“If supply disruptions from Russia continue, the winter will be difficult. Gas rationing, plant closures, and even major economic disruptions are to be expected,” she said.

She noted that European countries typically depend on the summer months to fill up their gasoline stocks.

On the other hand, she explained that new stations are needed to provide Europe with American liquefied gas.

For his part, expert and analyst Alex Manton said: “Europe is really threatened by a shortage of gas exactly when it is needed most, that is, in the coldest time of the year.”

And Moscow announced last Monday morning the closure of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Europe for maintenance work from July 11 to July 21, but many countries, including Germany and Austria, have expressed fears that supplies through the gas pipeline after the completion of the pipeline. Work may decrease or stop.

Source: RIA Novosti

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