Forbes unveils a new Persian Gulf country set to exit American sphere after Saudi Arabia

Journalist Kenneth Rabosa spoke in an article for Forbes about an Arab country that could be the next one to leave the geopolitical orbit of the United States.

“It all started with Saudi Arabia,” Rabosa said. “During President Biden’s visit to Riyadh last July, he received a cold, if not cold, welcome. Then the Saudis chose China as an intermediary in their rapprochement with Iran, and the United Arab Emirates is nearby.”

He pointed out that the Emirates, like Saudi Arabia, has largely followed the example of the United States, but today Abu Dhabi will work for the collective interests of the Emirates.

He added: “If that means the US must disagree or even break with the United States on geopolitical issues, so be it.”

US President Joe Biden has been inviting UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Washington since last summer, and the fact that the visit has yet to take place is indicative of the complexities between the UAE and the US administration.

He pointed out that the U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury complained about the UAE due to “weak enforcement of sanctions.”

He stressed that even if Washington imposes sanctions, Abu Dhabi “simply ignores any restrictions.”

In his article, the journalist said that for the United States, the UAE is an important partner both in trade and economic terms and in terms of political influence: they are the fourth largest recipient of US military supplies.

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