For the first time.. Russia launches a new product in Egypt at an attractive price to fight high prices

Russia brought the famous Altero oil to the Egyptian market at an attractive price, competitive with other natural oils in Egypt.

Director of the permanent exhibition of Russian food products in Egypt, Amr El-Beltagy, in statements to RT, said that the Russian Altero oil is one of the purest types of sunflower oils that are produced in Russia, since its price is attractive compared to other oils. not suitable for the health of the Egyptians, and is struggling with the high price due to the proliferation of Expensive oils of inadequate quality.

Al-Beltagi explained that this oil is produced by a company called AFKO in Russia, which is known in the field for a large number of types of oils, and the most common types are sunflower and corn, which we use most often.

Al-Beltagi pointed out that the increased use of the ruble and pound sterling between Moscow and Cairo in trade would facilitate the process of importing many healthy Russian products for Egyptian citizens and would help reduce food prices, especially since it is the producers who want to trade with Egypt directly without intermediaries.

Source: RT

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