For the first time, a woman has taken over the presidency of the English Premier League.

A woman will take over the presidency of the Premier League for the first time in history when Alison Britten takes over next year after clubs voted unanimously to appoint her on Tuesday.

Britten will replace interim president Peter McCormick, who took over after Gary Hoffman’s resignation last November.

“I’ve been a football fan since I was a kid so I’m thrilled to be named President of the Premier League,” Britten said in a statement.

“Football is a game of great national importance, loved by many people around the world and has the potential to have a huge positive impact on society,” she added.

“It would be a real privilege to be able to help plan for the future and work with all of the game’s key stakeholders to ensure its long-term sustainability and success.”

Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, welcomed Britten’s appointment, stating: “She has a lot of business experience, keeps things simple, and is highly respected and loved in all the industries she has worked in.”

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