For more luxury for your stay. Johnson spent over £200k in 2020.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned on Thursday, spent more than £208,000 in 2020 renovating the house at 11 Downing Street where he lived with his family.

This is evidenced by a copy of the official statement published on Friday by The Independent newspaper.

The newspaper pointed out that the total cost of the reforms amounted to more than 208 thousand pounds, while prime ministers allocate only 30 thousand pounds a year for these purposes.

The Prime Minister’s Office had previously claimed that Johnson did so at his own expense, but documents released by the British media showed that the Prime Minister was raising money from the Conservative Party to fund his residency.

Johnson later paid off the debt and paid for the repairs with his own money.

Johnson, who succeeded Theresa May as prime minister in 2019, announced on Thursday that he would step down as prime minister and head of the British Conservative Party and remain in office until a new prime minister is appointed.

However, many demand that he immediately leave his post and appoint a new leader in his place, without waiting for the party congress in the fall.

Source: RIA Novosti

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