Following Up on the German Physicians Who Conduced 1,000+ Fake Surgeries

Details of a case involving two Berlin doctors who tricked more than 1,000 people into undergoing surgery were published on the German website Deutsche Welle on Sunday.

The site reports that two doctors in Berlin worked for 5 years, inspiring more than 1,000 patients with the need for surgery, but in the end they were content with anesthesia without performing surgery.

The site stated, citing a statement from the Berlin prosecutor’s office, that the goal was to get doctors’ money from these fake surgeries.

He stated that, respectively, the prosecutor’s office had investigated two doctors and a 55-year-old medical assistant on charges of gang and serious physical assault in 1,052 cases and on charges of commercial and gang fraud in 1,764 cases.

He explained that between 2013 and 2018, an internal medicine physician (72 years old) diagnosed his patients who complained of problems in the esophagus, especially heartburn, and since Barrett’s syndrome is considered an early stage of the possibility of cancer, the doctor indicated the need for surgery in his clinic under general anesthesia.

His companion, a 67-year-old anesthesiologist, performed the task of anesthesia, but the agreed operation did not take place.

Since the consent of patients to undergo this operation is not taken into account in such cases, the prosecutor’s office qualified 1052 of these cases as serious physical abuse.

The invoices issued by the anesthesiologist in this context amounted to more than 137 thousand euros, while the therapist, with the help of his nurse, who is also his life partner, received bills of more than one million euros as a result of the operation. these false operations.

Source: Deutsche Welle German website

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