Following a global health warning… An Egyptian official commented "toxins" Cough medicines in the country!

Ali Auf, head of Medicines of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, denied the presence of toxic substances in Egyptian cough medicines after the World Health Organization warned that Indian and Indonesian cough medicines contain toxic substances.

During a telephone interview with the New Egypt program, Ali Auf stressed that the pharmaceutical industry has controls, standards and precautions, stressing that Egypt takes into account the composition statement of medicines in detail, and that the Egyptian Medicines Authority analyzes various samples of manufactured drugs on on a regular basis.

Auf added that the substance that global health has warned against is not being used by pharmaceutical factories in Egypt, explaining that some factories and companies in other countries use the global health warning ethylene glycol to dilute effective drug materials because they are cheap.

He continued: “The report indicated that the controlled drugs were manufactured in neighboring countries or in fraudulent or unknown manufacturing locations.”

He warned citizens against buying dietary supplements, skin care products and medicines of unknown origin on social media.

Ali Auf indicated that Egypt is seeking to establish the source of raw materials and auxiliary materials that have received permission from the authorities.

He added: “The FDA almost lives in factories, monitors every step and analyzes samples periodically, and if substandard products are found, they are destroyed, and strict measures are taken against the factory.”

It should be noted that the World Health Organization is conducting extensive investigations into Indian and Indonesian cough medicines containing toxic substances that have caused the death of 300 children after taking them, as the organization seeks to obtain more information about the specific raw materials used. 6 factories in India and Indonesia to produce cough medicines associated with recent deaths.

Source: “Al-Shoruk”

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