Florida Man March 5 – Corona Virus Solution

Today we will take a look at what Florida man was up to on March 5. You will be shocked. Unless you are familiar with Florida man. Then you already know that it’s just another day in Florida.

If March 5 is your birthday, then read on to see how Florida man was celebrating.

Florida Man March 5, 2021 – Covid Home Remedy

March 5, 2021 – Coronavirus has gripped the world and caused tension and grief to just about everyone. A Florida man named Chris Peters, from Amelia, decided to take action. He came up with a plan that he believed could help stop the virus.

He came up with the experimental ideas based on some google searches he had been doing for 6 months. Peters claimed his solution included precise measurements of all-natural and home-based ingredients. These ingredients included crushed garlic, lemon juice, saltwater and alcohol

Peters claimed he had tested the solution on himself over the last 6 months. That is when he decided to bring it to the streets for business.

He was selling a 500ml bottle for 10 dollars. He had put the instructions on the label. They stated, that the solution is to be mixed with drinking water twice or thrice a day.

He had been on the street for 2 days when a police officer noticed a commotion on the side of the street. People were clamoring for a bottle of the solution.

In defense of Peters, he said that he needed to think and make a new way to earn for living because he is one of those who lost their job during the outbreak.

Unsurprisingly, no study has approved this natural solution that can prevent from spreading the virus.

Florida Man March 5, 2017 – Florida Man Sits on the Park 7 Days a Week

Al White, 68 years old never missed a day to sit on the same bench in Vinoy Beach in St. Petersburg.

He starts his morning routine at 5 o’clock in the morning. He begins by making his coffee and walking his way to the park.

Once at the park he sits on his spot and watches the sunrise in front of him while sipping his coffee. Afterward, he goes home at 8 in the morning to do get on with the rest of his day.

He comes back to the park in the afternoon at 3 or 4 o’clock with another cup of hot coffee. There he spends the afternoon with a book or sometimes some puzzles to solve to pass.

Passersby whether they are just going to work or going home had been used to see Al in the same place for years. He had become part of their everyday scene.

Daily exchange of “good morning”, “have a nice day” and “hey Al, how are you doing?” is something they look forward to every day.

It has also become Al’s amateur therapist office, from small talk to the 2-hour conversation from the people from the neighborhood, or a complete stranger who just wanted to sit and enjoy a good conversation with him.

“One day, a very kind lady sat down beside me and gave me nice creamy bagels and she told me, Al keeps doing what you are doing”. “Which is?” Mr. White asked, “keep being our Mr. Sunshine by just sitting here and giving us your smile and greetings”. “I think that’s the kindest thing ever said to me by anyone”, Al stated.


I think we can all agree that Florida Man will always one-up you no matter how outrageous you think you’re doing or have done. There’s always someone in Florida doing something even crazier than the next. If you enjoyed this Florida Man entry, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love what he did on March 3 too.

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