Florida Man August 13: Ducklings Killer

Florida Man August 13 is just another one of the Florida Man stories that we all love. Florida Man is the dangerous legend of men (and women) from Florida that causes quite a lot of hilarity but also serious issues. These issues may sometimes cause you to laugh while at other times cause you to groan and sometimes even make you angry. Take a look at these Florida Man stories from August 13th. If this is your birthday, we are sorry.

Florida Man August 13, 2019, Kills Ducklings
We want to give you fair warning that this story pissed us off. We wanted you to understand how bad Florida Man is though so we included it.

On August 13th, 2019, Florida Man intentionally ran over a gaggle of ducklings who were playing in a puddle. A number of people watched as his Ford truck hit the ducklings inside the mobile home park he lived in in Largo, Florida.

Florida Man slowed down for a speed bump but then accelerated again after. Despite witnesses yelling for him to stop he hit three of the ducklings and continued on. Two of the ducklings died but one was rushed to the hospital where they were treated for broken bones. Luckily the Florida Man didn’t kill all 11 of the ducklings.

We hate people who intentionally harm animals. What we hate even more about this story is that Florida Man did all of this in front of a child. Despite claiming that he didn’t hit any ducklings, Florida Man was charged with aggravated animal cruelty. The witnesses helped but the fact that evidence was left behind on his truck sealed the case.

Florida Man Florida Man August 13, 2019 Attempts To Impersonate A Police Officer
Another case from August 13th, 2019, covers a Florida Man who was attempting to impersonate a police officer. The weirdest part of the story is his appearance. The man looked more like a methead out Hulk-Hogan than any police officer. Who would fall for that appearance as a cop?

The Florida Man was served a protection order for domestic violence. He then contacted the victim and asked if he could come home. She said no.

Florida Man then returned to the property impersonating a police officer to try and have the woman open the door. Upon getting the woman to open the door, Florida Man walked in and started to sleep. The victim contacted the real police and had him arrested.

We were left wondering how the heck this man thought this would turn out. Not only were the original charges against him, but he looked nothing like a police officer.

Florida Man Gets Mad At McDonald’s Over Broken Ice Cream Machine – August 13th, 2017
Most of us have had that experience of going to McDonalds to get a milkshake or other cold delicacy only to find out their ice cream machine is broken. We normally deal with it in a more appropriate manner though. Take a look at what this Florida Man did.

On August 13th, 2017, Florida Man entered a McDonalds Drive-Thru and asked for ice cream. The workers told him that the machine was broken though and thus they were unable to offer any ice cream related items. This made Florida Man fly into a Florida Man rage.

Florida Man exited his vehicle in the drive-thru and went to the trunk. He pulled out what appeared to be an AR-15 style weapon. Noticing this on the security cameras, the workers called 9-1-1 and hid in the bathroom.

When police arrived they found the gun was actually an airsoft gun, despite the fact that it was lacking the normal orange blaze on the tip. Despite the weapon being an airsoft gun, Florida Man was charged with improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon because anyone involved would believe that it was the real deal.

Florida Man causes a lot of trouble. We hope that you do not attempt to be any of the Florida Men from August 13th. Especially the first one. More importantly, we hope that if August 13th is your birthday that you aren’t influenced by these wacky stories.

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