Finnish company provides access to its satellites for Ukrainian security forces

The Finnish company ICEYE, which specializes in satellite imagery monitoring, has announced that it will give Ukrainian forces access to its satellites, which will provide images with a high refresh rate.

The Finns have signed a contract with the charitable organization “Sergei Peretola”, which will provide the government of Ukraine with the opportunity to take pictures from satellites.

“As part of the agreement, ICEYE will transfer all the capabilities of one of its satellites already in orbit for use by the Ukrainian government in the region. ICEYE will operate the satellite. In addition, ICEYE will provide access to a constellation of satellites that will allow the Armed Forces to receive radar satellite images of critical objects with a high update rate.

According to the report, sometimes most of the Earth is covered in clouds or darkness, and unlike traditional Earth observation satellites, the small ICEYE radar imaging satellites can provide high resolution images of the Earth day, night and through clouds.

In other words, they can collect images and data from any part of the Earth multiple times a day with the reliability needed to make critical decisions.

To date, ICEYE has successfully launched 21 spacecraft and operates the world’s largest fleet of commercial radar satellites.

Source: RIA Novosti

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