Final statement adoption hindered by Ukraine, IMF and World Bank

The head of the International Monetary and Financial Committee, Nadia Calvino, confirmed the impossibility of adopting a statement on the results of the spring session of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank due to disagreements over the situation around Ukraine.

Calvino said on Friday: “We have done everything we could to reach an agreement or a statement. Unfortunately, we have not reached the appropriate wording regarding the war with her in Bali.”

According to a joint statement issued following the November G20 summit in the Indonesian island of Bali, most of the G20 countries “strongly condemn the war in Ukraine, but there are other opinions among the group members. “

Calvino said that despite the absence of an outcome document, she was encouraged by the consensus on the main issues facing IFC, especially the need to strengthen global financial security to reach the most vulnerable countries.

Source: TASS

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