"FIFA" Announces the launch date for the new phase of ticket sales for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The International Football Association FIFA announced today, Wednesday, the opening of a new stage of ticket sales for the World Cup matches scheduled in Qatar, starting from July 5 next year.

In a statement from the International Federation, this phase will begin at 9:00 am GMT on a first-come, first-served basis, rather than a lottery like the first and second rounds, and will end on 16 August. , “and it will give fans another opportunity to secure seats in the stadium.” The largest spherical show on Earth.

He added: “We urge football fans to hurry to reserve seats for this historic event, especially since the number of tickets began to be calculated after 1.8 million tickets were sold five months before the tournament, and this could lead to the creation of waiting lists. if demand increases and supply decreases.

He continued: “World interest in this sales period is expected to increase once football fans learn that 32 teams have qualified in Qatar in 2022.”

Tickets will be offered in four price tiers, with a fourth reserved for Qataris, and each purchaser can receive a maximum of six tickets per match and 60 tickets for all competitions.

The secretary general of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Heritage organizing the World Cup, Hassan Al-Tawadi, mentioned a week ago the number of tickets sold 1.2 million and 40 million “standard” requests.

There are 3 million tickets available (two million sold and one million allocated to the International Federation and sponsor companies) and 1.2 million visitors are expected to come to Qatar during the World Cup period from 21 November to 18 December, of which 32 teams will participate.

Source: AFP.

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