Ferguson returns to Manchester United in a new position

British press sources confirmed today, Friday, that Scottish Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary Manchester United manager, will return to United to take over in the team.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, Ferguson before returning to the United board of directors.

Richard Arnold, the club’s chief executive, recently responded to the advice of some that Ferguson should be brought back on the board to benefit from his experience.

This will lead to a more influential role for Ferguson at Old Trafford, as he did a decade ago when the Scot was in charge of Red Devils training.

Ferguson, who coached Manchester United for 27 years from 1986 to 2013, is considered one of the symbols of United and is respected by fans, management and players of the current and former team.

Ferguson was instrumental in bringing Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo back to defend Manchester United’s colors for a second term last summer and is currently working to convince him to continue with the team.

Source: agencies

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