Father of Lionel Messi Speaks Out on Controversial Saudi Offer

Argentinean Jorge Messi, the father of star Lionel Messi, denied rumors about the possibility of his son’s transfer to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, as well as his refusal to go to training at the French football club Paris Saint-Germain.

And French network RMC Sport reported that Messi did not participate in Paris Saint-Germain’s training on Thursday to raise questions about him ahead of the last match, ahead of the international shutdown.

Recently, press reports have claimed that Messi’s father demanded that Al-Hilal pay 600 million euros in order to sign with the club, and other reports reported that there were problems between Lionel Messi and the management of Paris Saint-Germain due to for renewing his contract. , which expires next summer.

Fabrizio Romano, a well-known Italian journalist who specializes in transfer market news, published a “tweet” via his Twitter account in which he wrote that Jorge Messi refutes three stories, namely:

Leo leaves the session on Tuesday due to problems with his mentors.

Paris Saint-Germain are not ready to accept Messi’s terms for signing a new contract.

Messi is demanding a salary of 600 million euros from Al-Hilal.

Romano attached his “tweet” to what Jorge had posted from a newsgroup linked to Messi via his Instagram account and commented: “Fake news! How long will the lies last? Where is the proof? wrong.”

Source: agencies

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