Farah tests his readiness to compete on the road, not on the track

Olympic champion British sprinter Mo Farah has confirmed his running career is over but will take part in the London Marathon scheduled for October next year to determine his roadworthiness.

And the 39-year-old sportsman compared himself to the former Scottish tennis player of the first rank Andy Murray, believing that the latter still has “fighting spirit”.

However, it seems that Farah’s number one obstacle will be his body’s ability to meet the needs of his mind.

Farah moved on to marathon events (winning in Chicago and finishing third in London in 2018), crowning his neck with a gold medal in the 5,000m and 1,000m at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.

He returned to the track in 2020 in pursuit of a fifth Olympic title, but appeared as the ghost of a sprinter who scared his opponents and failed to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics last summer.

Things didn’t improve for the British sprinter this year as he unexpectedly lost to Ellis Cross on his return to the 10,000m race in London in May.

However, the Somali-born, exceptional treadmill runner did not retire and decided to test himself in the London Marathon on October 2nd, and a month before that, to take part in the Big Half preparatory race (21.1 km).

Source: AFP

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