"Famous brand" Suspends operations in Europe due to gas crisis

The New York Times reported that ARC International, one of Europe’s largest glassware manufacturers, will shut down its factories in Europe and put about 1,500 employees on furlough.

According to the American newspaper, the glassworks will send about a third of its employees from a staff of 4,500 on vacation.

“This is the most dramatic situation we have ever faced,” said Nicholas Hodler, company president.
(Rise in gas prices).

The newspaper notes that Arc International is not the only European company facing the problem of high energy prices, which are forcing companies to reduce production and send tens of thousands of workers on vacation.

In addition to glass producers, the lack of Russian gas has affected companies operating in the mining sector, so the crisis may affect companies specializing in the production of toilet paper.

Source: RIA Novosti

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