Fallout 76 Reborn: How PlayStation Now Rescued the Game

Fallout 76: A Second Chance with PlayStation Now

Fallout 76 had a rocky start when it was released, leaving many players disappointed. It was full of bugs and seemed to only focus on squeezing more money out of the players with constant micro-transactions.

However, fast forward to 2023 and the game has taken a different turn. Bethesda has put in a lot of effort to transform Fallout 76 into a worthwhile gaming experience that players can truly immerse themselves in.

But it’s important to note that PlayStation Now played a crucial role in the game’s revival. Phil Spencer, considering the game’s monthly active user numbers, was close to abandoning Fallout 76. However, leaked emails from the Microsoft v. FTC case revealed that Phil Spencer was open to keeping the game on PlayStation Now.

Spencer stated, “I’m fine with Fallout 76 on PS Now. We haven’t allowed Minecraft on PS Now because we see it as competition to Xbox Game Pass. However, I feel differently about Fallout 76 and I’m open to discussing it. It started off rough, but the team has been focused on improving and expanding its audience. We either need to reach 10 million monthly active users across all platforms or consider moving on from it. If you believe PS Now can help it gain relevance, I’m supportive.”

PlayStation Now: A Crucial Collaboration

Thanks to the collaboration between Bethesda and PlayStation Now, Fallout 76 became part of the PS Now library and is also included in the new tiered PS Plus system.

While Bethesda’s efforts in updating the game were crucial, it’s undeniable that reaching more players through PS Now played a significant role in the game’s resurgence. And even now, being part of PS Plus Extra continues to benefit Fallout 76.

Source: The Gamer

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