Exploring Nikki Haley’s Presidential Campaign and Views on Russia Alliance

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley has said US forces “need to ally” with non-European nations, including Russia, to bolster global security, a statement her campaign called “a mistake.”

Asked in a television interview on Wednesday which regions of the world she thought the United States could pay more attention to, Haley, a Republican who served as United Nations ambassador in the Trump administration, first responded to the “Arab world” by saying that the United States We need Arabs to “as if join us” in countering Iran.

“Saudi Arabia making deals with China is not good for us. We want them to be with us, so we need to ally with others, Russia, Australia, Japan, Israel,” she said.

She added: “We need to focus on the allies we have outside of the Europeans and make sure we have more friends to meet our needs so we don’t depend on the enemy for energy or medicine or anything. and then make sure we build those alliances to make the world a safer place.”

However, Haley’s campaign team said on Saturday that it was simply “mistaken” by mentioning Russia.

“It’s very funny,” spokesman Ken Farnaso said. “She clearly misspoke. No one has been tougher on Russia than Nikki Haley,” as he put it.

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