Experts: There is no alternative to the system "starlink" To ensure communications of the Kyiv forces

The Breaking Defense newspaper, citing experts, said that the Starlink communications system, provided by the American company SpaceX, is indispensable for providing communications for the Kyiv forces.

According to Brad Grady, an analyst at Northern Sky Research, Starlink has a number of “key advantages” such as low latency, high bandwidth and acceptable transceiver size.

According to him, the closest competitors of Starlink, in particular OneWeb, do not yet cover the territory of Ukraine, and the capabilities of geostationary satellites are more modest.

Expert Tim Farrer reiterated his belief that the Internet “has no good alternatives to SpaceX”. According to him, this situation will continue for about a year. He stressed that the company needs to pay for the services it provides in Ukraine, but there is no point in discussing this on Twitter.

In October, CCS Insight analysts said that by 2025, the Starlink satellite communications system could be spun off into a separate company and listed on the stock exchange.


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