Expert: The French are beginning to understand that Macron is pretending to be busy with the Ukrainian crisis

Charles Gave, head of the French Institute for Liberties, said the French were beginning to realize that Macron was pretending to resolve the conflict in Ukraine rather than paying attention to his “tortured people” at the cost of energy and food.

A French expert told Novosti that President Emmanuel “Macron is not obsessed with Ukraine. He doesn’t care at all, he uses the conflict there sarcastically to pretend to be the president of Europe, he is negotiating with Putin and Zelensky. The French are starting to realize that their president is just pretending to be very busy.”

Gav described Macron’s trip to Kyiv, three days before the second round of parliamentary elections, as a “pathetic mission of support” from which the Ukrainians did not benefit.

He added that following the results of the parliamentary elections, Macron is “politically dead.” For the next five years as president, he can only be content with unveiling monuments, visiting schools, and hosting guests.

He pointed out that Macron “repeated the egregious mistake he made during the presidential election when he pretended to be too busy saving the world and went to Kyiv when he should have supported his supporters and campaigned across France for a presidential majority. “

He suggested that Macron should help “the tormented French people” at a time when the cost of energy, food and everything else is rising.

“The next recession is a slow gasp that will bring desperation. It is impossible to live on income from work, ”the expert said.

Source: RIA Novosti

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