Experience the Excitement of Project Mugen: An Urban Open World Action RPG with GTA and Spider-Man-Inspired Mechanics

Project Mugen: An Urban Open World Action RPG with GTA and Spider-Man-Inspired Mechanics

Ever since its announcement at Gamescom 2023, Project Mugen, a new and upcoming game, has created a massive buzz among avid gamers and enthusiasts alike. The game has been drawing attention due to its unique blend of inspirations and Genshin-like elements, combining a single-player open-world game with flashy gacha mechanics set in a vibrant anime universe. Project Mugen has a lot in store for its players, and it presents itself as an “Urban Open World Action RPG,” which deviates from the fantasy aspect of Genshin Impact. This formula is based on a trend that is gaining popularity in Asia, as can be seen in Mihoyo’s new game, Zenless Zone Zero. The game is set in an urban environment that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on gameplay. The game’s trailer showcases numerous vehicles driven by the player, and the combat sequences involve the use of firearms, similar to those seen in the Grand Theft Auto series. Project Mugen seems to be an ambitious project that promises to offer a unique gaming experience to its players, and fans can’t wait to see what it has in store for them.

A game inspired by GTA

The trailer for the upcoming game reveals a fascinating gameplay mechanic where the character can alternate between using their abilities and gunshots, similar to the gameplay found in MOBA or Genshin, with a cooldown feature. This new feature adds more diversity to the combat system. The combat system is expected to offer players multiple ways to engage in combat, including melee, ranged with an aiming system, as well as fighting on the ground or in the air. Vehicles in the game are not just a means of fast transportation but can also be used in combat or to provide a transition between exploration and combat phases, similar to the mount abilities in Guild Wars 2. The trailer also shows that vehicles can be manipulated and thrown at enemies using telekinesis, which is a unique and exciting aspect of the game. Environmental puzzles using telekinetic abilities can also be envisaged, similar to recent games like Fallen Order and Jedi Survivor. It is expected that this ability will only be accessible to certain protagonists or even to a specific character class, which could create a real added value for each hero. The trailer also showcases Spider-Man-like movements that highlight the game’s possibilities, which could lead to more exciting gameplay elements in the final release.

But also like Spider-Man

The trailer for this upcoming game showcases an impressive array of aerial movements that draw inspiration from Spider-Man. These movements are likely to play a crucial role in game progression, indicating that they may be exclusive to certain characters and unlocked only by advancing through the game. While this may seem like bad news for a game designed as a gacha, there is another possibility that is far more exciting. It is possible that there may be as many heroes as there are different ways to move through the air, presenting a diverse range of options for players to choose from.

In addition to aerial dashes, wall races, and attacks, combat also incorporates the use of gravity, adding greater depth and complexity to battles. Coupled with the appearance of giant bosses in the trailer, players can expect epic fights that harken back to the classic SNK games. The game’s aerial movements also share similarities with Spider-Man’s iconic web-slinging, such as the presence of a tower on top of a building that players can use to reveal the map. This is a clever way to integrate a similar interaction to the Seven Statues in Genshin Impact, further enhancing the game’s appeal.

Ultimately, the combination of various inspirations and mechanics appears to be a promising approach to creating a new genre or developing the Urban Open World Action-RPG genre. While Genshin Impact was initially criticized for being a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it has since become a successful game in its own right, spawning a new genre known as Genshin-like. If this game manages to deliver on its promises, it could well become a new benchmark for the genre, with players talking about Mugen-like. However, the game’s release date is still unknown, with rumors suggesting it may not arrive until 2025.

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