Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine predicts the collapse of the European Union due to… "Settlement of disputes"

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said that the EU’s “settlement of differences” principle could lead developed countries to consider leaving as they have to pay payments to other EU countries.

Azarov stressed that this issue does not always receive a positive assessment of the population.

He added: “This means that all citizens of Germany, France, the Netherlands and other countries are forced to pay large amounts of their income to finance the so-called margin adjustment, because their countries once included some countries in the European Union. “

The former Ukrainian official stressed that the money that reaches the least developed countries of the European Union, in some countries goes to “infrastructure development and road construction, and in others it simply disappears into the pockets of insatiable officials, or is stolen and spent inefficiently.” without reaching their goals.

Azarov considers the EU policy irrational and expressed his conviction that the funds that are likely to be sent to Ukraine, for the most part, will not be used effectively in accordance with the stated goals.

He said: “I mean the offer of money to settle the differences. This is an irrational policy, and sooner or later it will lead many EU countries to consider leaving it, as the UK did some time ago.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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