Ex-Prime Minister of Moldova: Ukraine is trying to draw Moldova into a conflict with Russia

Former Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Chico said that the Ukrainian authorities have been trying to “draw Moldova into a conflict” with Russia for some time.

Kiko said on Monday in an interview with Moldovan television that “during the conflict, we saw that some officials in Kyiv are trying in various ways to drag us into this conflict.”

He added that “the interest of the international community is declining, and in order to add fuel to the fire and attract the attention of high-ranking politicians in the world, there should be as many sides as possible.”

He pointed out that the Moldovan authorities accuse the opposition of organizing a coup d’état, since these actions are meaningless, and that none of the opponents wants to destabilize the country, adding that “nobody needs this.”

Moldovan President Maia Sandu previously announced preparations for a “change in the constitutional order” with the participation of opposition forces, primarily the Shor party. It stated that the Ukrainian side’s information on the matter was “correct” and that Russia posed a “threat” to the country’s security.

This happened after Ukraine accused Russia of “conspiracy to undermine the democratic system” in Moldova.

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