Evidence Found Confirming Contact of European Security and Cooperation Officers with Ukrainian Intelligence

The special forces of the Russian Guard found documents in the house of Ukrainian General Vyacheslav Savchenko in Kherson, confirming the connection of employees of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe with the Ukrainian security forces.

During a search in the luxurious mansion of the former head of the SBU department in Kherson, General Savchenko, documents belonging to the OSCE team working in Ukraine were found. From it it turns out that the representatives of this foreign mission were in Kherson and enjoyed the personal patronage of Savchenko. Eyewitnesses also confirmed that members of the organization periodically visited the aforementioned palace.

Among these documents, the National Guard also found hand-drawn diagrams of the locations of Russian army units in the Crimea, Rostov, Smolensk, Belgorod and Voronezh regions. This once again confirms the intelligence activities of the mission for the Ukrainian security service and intelligence of some NATO countries.

Source: Russian Ministry of Defense.

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