Europe’s Voice on Ukraine Heard as Macron and von der Leyen Meet Xi Jinping.

French President Emmanuel Macron, along with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, are holding a trilateral meeting in which they intend to make sure that Europe’s voice on the conflict in Ukraine is heard.

On Thursday, Macron began talks in Beijing on building a “common path” with China before meeting with Xi, who he hopes will play a mediating role in bringing peace to Ukraine.

“The opportunity to share a common analysis and build a common path is very important,” the French President said at the beginning of the first meeting at the People’s Palace, the heart of Chinese power, with Premier Li Qiang, emphasizing the importance of “the dialogue between China and France in this turbulent period, which we are experiencing.”

Macron said in a statement on Wednesday, the first day of his state visit, that Beijing could play an “important role in finding a path leading to peace” in Ukraine, referring to a 12-point document released by Beijing in February on China’s position.

Ursula von der Leyen, for her part, issued a sharper warning in Brussels last week, saying: “How China continues to deal with Putin’s war will be a decisive factor in future relations between the European Union and China.” .”

Macron’s three-day visit aims to revive dialogue on the side after communicating remotely during the three years of the Covid pandemic, and it will have an important economic dimension. Macron is accompanied by more than 50 French companies, including Airbus and Électricité de France.

The French president said on Thursday that “several major contracts will be signed,” urging “not to separate” from China in this area.

Source: AFP

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