European Union: Urgent Need for Support in Tunisia as Italy Expresses Concern

Italian Prime Minister George Meloni said she would demand an immediate response at the European level to support the countries of North Africa, led by Tunisia, which, she said, is going through an economic and institutional crisis.

Meloni said in a speech before the Italian parliament that “Tunisia will face a deep crisis with consequences that could be very worrisome not only for her country,” referring to the crisis in migrant flows to Italy’s southern coast.

Meloni’s speech was delivered during an impeachment meeting in the House of Representatives yesterday, Wednesday, in response to accusations by the opposition and non-governmental organizations that they did not intervene to save migrants after their boat capsized in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, in 100 sea miles off the coast of eastern Libya late last week in an accident that killed 30 of them and rescued 17 immigrants after the intervention of a merchant ship at the request of Rome.

Next Monday, the European Council for Foreign Affairs will consider the situation in Tunisia and Ukraine, led by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell.

The foreign ministers will hold a joint meeting on Monday afternoon with the defense ministers to discuss the implementation of the “strategic compass” to strengthen the joint bloc’s security and defense policy a year after its approval, as well as “European Union support for Ukraine.”

Source: Aki

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